Talamello is an old village that stands on a rocky spur at the foot of Mount Pincio, on the left bank of the River Marecchia. Dating from before the 9th century, it was once a feud of the Feretrana Church and was under the rule of the Faggiolani and Malatesta families in their battles with the Montefeltro family. The village was once the seat of the Bishops of Montefeltro and the Governor of Romagna, whom Sigismondo Malatesta asked for peace.


In the cemetery cella there is a remarkable series of frescoes by Alberto da Ferrara and the parish church boasts a 14th-century Crucifix attributed to the Rimini school of art. This crucifix is carried in procession on the Feast of the Holy Crucifix, a celebration held on Whit Monday that draws the faithful from many neighbouring regions.
Mount Pincio, which overlooks the village, is covered in lush vegetation including a beautiful pine forest and an old chestnut wood and offers charming paths that climb up the slopes of the mountain, offering breathtaking panoramic views that span from the highest peaks of the Apennines in the Marche and on the Tuscany-Romagna border, to the coast of the Adriatic Sea.
As well as offering tennis courts and five-a-side football pitches, for the delight of all bowls enthusiasts, there is an indoor bowls alley in Talamello close to the sports field.


On the first Sunday of August, Talamello hosts the traditional “Frog Festival” whereas on the first two Sundays of November a “Fossa Cheese Fair” is held here. “Fossa Cheese” is made by lowering local cheese into ditches dug out of the sandstone on which the village stands. The cheese then spends three months in these ditches or “fosse”, maturing and releasing all the natural flavours and properties that earn it the name “Ambra di Talamello”.

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